SoomRK & Crowlamari
Modded Horde Server

For more information related to Mod Updates, Future Content, and other servers we host, join our discord ->  Sharks with Cruel Voice 

Server Rules1.) No racism, homophobia, or any other forms of hate speech/super toxic Behavior.
2.)Do not tempt or try to break Automod, it's ban's will not be lifted and in most cases is permanent.
3.)This is a casual player server. Try not to be too hard on each other, we are all just here to have fun.

4.)Feel free to ask any Admin for coins, skills, or revives. There will be some situations where the match is being taken seriously and no cheats will be used, but otherwise they are used to enhance your experience in the server.

Would you like to come try our content? We have over 20 maps with custom content ranging from over 300+ weapons, custom enemies, mechanics, and huge boss fights.

Servers available:
SoomRK & Crowlamari Modded Horde - US Central -Unique Content
SoomRK & Crowlamari Modded Horde - US West -Unique Content 

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SoomRK - Old Horde - No Noble - No Skills