SoomRK's Mod Credits

For Teaching me How to Make Mods

DaBirds, cabbageman

Non-Mordhau Map Meshes/SkyBoxes:

Purchased from Velarion, Gamedev.TV, NextLevel 3D, AleksandrIvanov, MacKenzie Shirk 


GWriterStudio, Gamedev.TV, Epic Marketplace assets, and all these: RK Horde Maps Playlist

Weapon Textures:

Purchased from MihajloStojadinov, Prop Garden, AdrianBiszczak, Deadly Props, Facetious Creations, Black Fang Technologies

Sketch Fab Collection: RK Mordhau Maps

Character Skins/Testers:

Apes Together Strong, Crow, Beer Mage, Dabirds, Aglet, REV, Egg, Pelicannon, Soasin, Knivelord, Blurp, Derptron, Knightly Bard, LunarMcGee, Cheque, Asriel Lamb
Slade M. U. Shrooman  - Shroom Army
Carrot - Carrot Army

Thanks to my entire server community for helping me test/create these maps.

Ausländer for Shrek skin, several custom animations, MOTD widget

Voice Assets:
Magic Sound Effects, ESM Team, Barbarian Lord

NoobWantsHacks - Server hosting/Advertising